A sea trip is fun... Pennicott Wildlife Journeys offers trips to Iron Pot Lighthouse, a lighthouse on Betsy Island. The small 12-seater boats follow the coast west of Bruny Island to the northern tip of the island, head east to the lighthouse and back up the coast. As we left the harbor, I got my first glimpse of the RSV Nuyina. The Australian flagship supplies the Antarctic stations of the Australians and is designed for various research tasks and rough seas. I knew the ship by name from my work at the AWI in bathymetry and at IBCSO. On the opposite side of the harbor was the RV Investigator (also an Australian ship used for research and training). I was already familiar with this ship too. It's always nice to see more than just names on a piece of paper or in a database. It creates completely different connections.

You can expect rocky cliffs, seals (southern fur seals), dolphins, lots of cormorants and seagulls, but also gannets. There was even a brown falcon perched on a branch on Betsy Island. As we were following the eastern coast back to Hobart, a large whale appeared. Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of it. According to our guide, it was a southern right whale, which is more common in these waters. The animals can grow up to 18 m long and weigh 80 tons. The animal only came to the surface very briefly and disappeared again very quickly. Even after waiting a while, it was difficult to be in the right place at the right time.
The dolphins, on the other hand, loved to ride on the bow wave of the small boats. When the second tour boat joined us, the playful little guys kept popping up between the vehicles. In the end, we spent considerably more than just 2.5 hours on the water.

A video of the Cruise will be released later.

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