From 11.5.2023 to 27.5.2023 my family and I will be on vacation in Scotland. Here are a few impressions and daily highlights. In the course of time I will adapt the texts a little and add pictures.

2023 Drone Flights in Scotland

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A trip to Scotland

It's time for a vacation again. This year, one of the destinations was Great Britain, where the mountainous landscape contrasts with the relatively flat landscape of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The journey to Edinburgh was pretty relaxed. Conveniently, there is a direct...

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From Edinburgh to Fort William

After a fairly restful night for me and a mediocre night for my family, we started the day with a hearty breakfast, but unfortunately there wasn't much choice in our hotel. Lots of sweets and puff pastry, a bit of sausage, no...

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Glenfinnan Viaduct

Glenfinnan Monument with a view of Loch ShielWe used the first real day of exploring without changing accommodation or spending hours touring to visit the Glenfinnan Monument and the Glenfinnan Viaduct. This is where the famous Jacobite Train from Harry Potter...

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Cow Hill

Looking south-east (left) towards Ben Nevis and west (right) towards Loch Linnhe, Fort William and CaolThe morning was very rainy. What some holidaymakers might find annoying was a welcome break for us. Whether sunburn, sore muscles or...

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Three Sisters

On our drive from Edinburgh to Fort William at the beginning of our vacation, we passed several viewpoints. One of these was the Three Sisters Viewpoint along this route. From Fort William to the Three Sisters Viewpoint you drive about...

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On our sixth day in Scotland, one of the things we wanted to see was the Glencoe Visitor Center. The Visitor Centre is located about 1.5 kilometers south of Glencoe Village and about 20 km from Fort William. We have already been to the visitor...

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Highland Titles and Lower Falls Glen Nevis

he reason for the trip to Scotland was to visit his own estates. Own estates? You read that right. My parents, for example, can call themselves Laird and Lady of Glencoe because they each own a small plot of land in Scotland. These are...

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Crossing to Inverness

Cloudy weather without rain greeted us on the morning of the eighth day. We loaded the last of our things into the car and tidied up the apartment before setting off after breakfast at around 9.30am. But we weren't heading straight for Inverness, instead...

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The ninth day of our stay in Scotland was dedicated to the legendary sea monster Nessie. Due to the good weather forecast, we decided to book the Jacobite Loch Ness Tour for the day. There were several tours to choose from, depending on...

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The Tomnahurich cemetery

Day 10 Cemeteries and gravestones are very different in every country. From crypts in France to the Tomnahurich cemetery mound. The inscriptions inside tell of war dead and deceased from across the centuries. Knowledge and history, which so many...

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Cawdor Castle and WDC

Day 11 After a rest day, our physical condition was a little better again. So we set our sights on the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Center in Spey Bay, Fochabers. Our first stop on the way was supposed to be Stuart Castle. Of course, we drove past the...

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Viewpoints in Inverness

Day 12 From the North Kessock East Pier Viewpoint and along the road to the east or from the Carnarc Viewpoint, the Kessock Bridge of Inverness can be photographed well from the west side. In addition to widespread cloud cover and sometimes a decent wind, the...

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Crossing to Edinburgh

Day 13 The A9 runs through the mountains between Inverness and Edinburgh. It takes about three hours and a few crushes. An early start around half past nine with two stops meant that the journey could be split up well. Loch an Eilein is a small...

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Scottish capital Edinburgh

Day 14 Edinburgh, a city that could hardly be more diverse and compact. Stepped terraces, tall houses lined up several storeys high, interspersed with turrets and churches, interspersed with small tunnels and narrow alleyways. For a first overview, we chose...

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One last walk up Calton Hill in Edinburgh

Day 15 Unfortunately, the second attempt to access the castle forecourt for a few views of the city also failed. Barriers in the form of fences and a ticket office in front, including building security up to the castle wall, prevented any access....

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